online games
  • 8 games / more than 40 types of games.
  • You can play in any modern browser on a personal computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Synchronization with all your devices. *
  • General table of highscores. *
  • Automatic game saving. You can continue any started game on any of your devices.

* you need to register and log in on all your devices.
online games • Lite
Online games • Lite are simplified versions of online games. They lack registration, synchronization with your other devices and the ability to get into the general table of highscores.
  • 6 games / more than 30 types of games.
  • You can play in any modern browser on a personal computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • No permanent internet connection required while playing.
  • Lite versions are Progressive Web App. They can be installed on pc, smartphones and tablets as applications and played even when there is no Internet connection.
  • Automatic game saving. Any started game can be continued.
  • Local (only your) table of highscores.
games for Windows
  • 4 games / ∞ number of types of games.
  • Automatically save the current game.
  • Console with built-in programming language !
  • Hundreds of parameters are changed using the console and configs. There is a full customization of the appearance, full customization of the game process, the assignment of any keyboard shortcuts to any action and much more.
Development is conducted by the author in his free time. The creation of a number of classic games is planned: Minesweeper, Sokoban, Snake, Life, etc. And some unusual types of these games are already conceived. As it happens with us: a variety of crazy and halyava-style.
You can finance the development of keda.su here. This will make it easier for the author to find free time and significantly speed up game development.
Thanks !
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