This site uses cookies, it is necessary for authorization. Personal data is not collected or transmitted.ImportantSign up and login! Thus, you can continue your game from the moment you stop on any device - a computer, laptop, phone, tablet, gramophone (if it has a browser). And your records will be able to compete with the records of other players!v4.10, 2020.02Added 120 levels for the Sokoban game (levels 101-220) !The levels are borrowed from the Sokojava 2 game for Symbian OS.v4.00, 2020.02New game:Sokoban !The levels are borrowed from the Sokojava game for Symbian OS.v3.00, 2019.04Redesign !v2.10, 2019.03New game:Minesweeper !v2.00, 2019.02Two new games:Color Lines and
15-puzzle !
v1.10, 2019.01Now we have Esperanto !v1.00, 2018.12Published the first version.We now have games:Tetris,
Color Tetris,
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