mini-games online and offline
Welcome to the classic games of computer childhood! We played these games, we play and we will always play. They are simple, they are familiar, they are tested by time. We just diversified the gameplay a little bit and made subtypes of games from ordinary to crazy.onnline-gamesPlay on computers, tablets and phones right on this site. Register to continue playing on any device from the moment you stop. When closing or losing browser activity, the game automatically paused and saved, and it can be resumed later at any time. Not only the current game is saved, every subtype of each game is saved. And then you can continue to play any game. Play, set records, defeat fellows!© Sergey Lebedev, 2018-2019
offline-gamesThe result of the madness of 2007! Where have you seen saving the game in Tetris? And it works out of the box for us! Console with built-in programming language to change all settings in games! Hundreds of parameters from the assignment of keys and appearance to setting the process of the game. Everyone played Tetris. And in Pentris? And in 3-5-9-tris at the same time? You can even set the probability of falling figures from a different number of squares! For lovers of configs - you can create and upload configs!© Sergey Lebedev, 2007 и 2017 (remaster)
localizationRussian - Sergey Lebedev
English - internet online translators
Esperanto - Alexey Kuznezov
donateDevelopment is conducted by the author in his free time. The creation of a number of classic games is planned: Minesweeper, Sokoban, Snake, Life, etc. And some unusual types of these games are already conceived. As it happens with us: a variety of crazy and halyava-style.You can finance the development of here. This will make it easier for the author to find free time and significantly speed up game development.Thanks!feedbackIf you have any suggestions about the development of the site, about the development of games or just want to write to the author, then you can contact him by logo cherry